Saturday, September 3, 2016

Interview with Samson Michael Aster

"Huh, me? Nahhh, I can't be the one you're looking for."

1. Single or taken?
"Best not to ask."
2. Last kiss?
"Probably in my dreams."
3. Girl bff.
4. Guy bff.
"My brother, Sacky. Forever."
5. Height
"A solid six foot-three."
6. Weight
"No idea." (About 200 pounds.)
7. First kiss
8. One secret
One secret.
"Alright, fine. My real name's Samael Bain. There, that make ya happy?"
9. Cats or dogs?
"Neither. Animals don't last long enough for people like me."
10. Theme tune
Danses de travers / Crooked Dances by Erik Satie
11. Insecurities
"Dunno." (Getting close to people.)
12. Age
"Lost count." (Probably around 3 million years.)
13. Turn-ons
"The air conditioner."
14. Turn-offs
"Most people."
15. Regrets
"Everything." (The biggest is his brother's death.)
16. Ambitions
"It's a little late for something like that." (Now, he just wants to make Mercy happy and keep her safe.)
17. Last hug
"If I could have one last hug, I'd want it with someone special."
18. Hobbies
"I've done too much to pick just one."
19. Mood
"Like Russian-style imperial stout." (Dark and bitter.)
20. Random
"Today is the third day of the thirty-ninth million, nine-hundred ninety-ninth thousand, nine-hundred ninety-seventh month. It's cold again, per usual."

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