Saturday, September 3, 2016

Username Origin - "godtypes"

I was tagged by yukiro_ayshane and audendoll on Instagram to describe my username origin, but I guess that would be pretty straightforward since Godtypes is both the name of my story and the titular superhuman entities described within it.

To get more in-depth, the Godtypes were coined as such when I first started brainstorming ideas for these immortal beings, with "powers typical of the gods." No one real knows if they're actually divinities in mortal guise, or some form of elevated human, or if their origins are more preternatural. Perhaps they came from another dimension or even outer space--the gods themselves can't say for sure, either.

Eventually I started thinking to myself, what can differentiate them from one singular God, or the mythological gods of human invention?

So my gods then earned the formal title of Godtypes. And because I'm lazy, I named both my book and Instagram after them. :'D

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