The Torus

     The Torus is a spiral of infinite iterations of the planet Earth, set in such a way within the multiverse that these worlds cannot interact with each other, let alone allow their inhabitants any awareness of parallel counterparts, or the Torus even existing.  The distinct barriers between worlds is what provides the Torus both order and stability, but at some point a godlike being actually breached the divide, threatening a domino effect that could topple the whole spiral, starting with a single event: the societal and material collapse of one particular Earth.

     With this potential disaster looming close at hand, a supremely powerful, near omniscient force known as Pyranoscope arrived to intervene, either drawn by the collapsing timeline or birthed by the Torus itself.  Since Pyranoscope is an incorporeal being with no physical bearing on the worlds, it made use of its "heart"—an endlessly burning core of ether, or the energy of everything—to create the first Liminal Room. This vessel, in the guise of a plain white twelve-by-twelve foot space, was used to take someone capable of stopping the catastrophe from an entirely different world and bring them over to the one at stake. The transport caused some friction in the rift of awareness, but the only alternative option would have been altering the problem Earth's population of their imminent doom, likely expediting the process in doing so. 

     However, despite working hard alongside the man who caused these problems, Pyranoscope failed to rescue his world, and the extinction of its denizens did indeed resound and shake the Torus in every way possible. Rather than abandon the endangered worlds altogether, Pyranoscope constructed even more Rooms and trapped the souls of dead sinners inside them for use as maintenance workers, or Chamberlains. The first official Chamberlain was the man who caused his world's downfall, being forced to repair billions of unstable worlds in the Torus to atone for indirectly killing off the planet's billions of inhabitants.

As of now, hundreds upon thousands of Liminal Rooms have entered existence, using both the Chamberlains, who cannot directly manipulate timelines, and foreigners from different worlds as "anchors", called Missionaries, to prevent the collapse of these other worlds. The instability spreads like a virus across the innumerable Earths, but there's no other choice but to act, since the collapse of the Torus may very well tear a hole in the fabric of reality, altering the entire multiverse for the worst. And no one wants that to happen.

The story of Godtypes follows Mercy Mendoza, a young woman whose little sister has been abruptly forgotten by everyone except her, and Samson Aster, the Chamberlain from Room One that collects Mercy as a new Missionary.  Before she can return home and uncover the truth about her sibling, Mercy must venture to another world—a place far stranger than the Earth she calls home—and within a month's time stop the plans of a "god" bent on ending everything.  Problem is, she has no idea what the end will look like, or where this god could be, so she'll be needing all the friends and informants she can find.

As Samson tells her, Mercy won't know who to trust in full, either.


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