Chaining the Immortal

  1. Armada Ranks
Trinelyse and Associates
  • Noa Sinclair
  • Henri Trinelyse
  • Dagomar Kreischer
  • Blair Denholm
  • Florian Pronovost
  • Chidelu Otugo
  • "Ramses"
  • Elionor Martell i Cadena
Ghost Train
  • Liliane Exis
  • Cade Valhaven
  • Virgil Ashcraft
Though powered and maintained by the Trinelyse family for centuries on end, the Barricade separating the chaotic Godtypes from the ocean, humanity's last foothold, has suffered massive levels of deterioration, mostly attributed to the mounting efforts on the gods' part to breach it. In order to combat this threat, the Trinelyse formed an armada, the Stolos, and aimed a recruitment campaign at the rare few who still possessed magical potential. These people performed impossible feats by simply asking for the world to make it momentarily possible, but only those with the greatest need and virtue saw their wishes granted. Dubbed "Convoyers" by the Trinelyse, many of these magic-users answered the call to aid their fellow man, boarding Stolos ships to repair and defend the Barricade from further attack.

Despite attempts to overthrow the mad gods, the world remained unchanged and disarrayed, largely held together by the Trinelyse, a line of formerly esteemed Convoyers which fell into moral depravity over the years. The Trinelyse raised seven domed capitals in the sea for those who could offer a substantial contribution and receive protection from the gods in return. After the inception of the Stolos campaign, resentment among the remaining populace came to a head, and the barrier suffered from deliberate sabotage at the hands of rebel forces. This up and coming liberation front, Ghost Train, consisted mostly of lawless Convoyers who rejected the tyrannical Trinelyse regime.

To quell public concern, the Trinelyse required known Convoyers to serve in the Stolos on pain of death, using their power for sanctioned purposes only. As an incentive, the Trinelyse furnished new recruits and their families with housing in one of the seven cities, a coveted opportunity for anyone trapped in a god-ravaged settlement, unable to escape otherwise. But sometimes, it went the other way, where desperate families taught their child to suppress the ability to convey wishes and thereby avoid conscription into the Stolos.

For Noa Sinclair, a young descendant of the People of the Tides, a single mistake in her teenage years led to a lifetime of service under the Trinelyse. Ever optimistic, Noa wears the Stolos uniform in hopes of bettering the system from within, and she receives her best chance to date after she's suddenly assigned as an aide to Grand Admiral Henri Trinelyse, the next in line for power. What she doesn't realize is that the Trinelyse have her exactly where they want, and for good reason, because they know the truth about her past and the god she wants to protect.