Chaining the Immortal

In this world, there are two kinds of humans capable of performing impossible feats: the first consists of those who are able to wish on the world and bend reality to their will, called a "Miracle-Weaver", or simply Weaver for short.

Though they are known as enemies of mankind, it's possible for a godtype to form a strong bond with a mortal being, which actually transfers to that individual of fragment of divine power. People like this are simply referred to as "those who carry the gods", or Couriers, possessing magic which no amount of hard work or desire can achieve.

Although humanity has managed to fend off the raging gods thus far, the world remains in ruins, largely held together by the Trinelyse authority, a long line of efficient but callous rulers. The Trinelyse raised seven domed cities in the sky for those who pledged loyalty, protecting them from the gods below, but even these strongholds are under siege by a clandestine liberation front dubbed "Ghost Train", consisting of lawless Weavers opposed to the totalitarian Trinelyse regime. In order to ease public concern and maintain order, all Weavers are required to serve the Trinelyse and use their miracles for sanctioned purposes, or face systematic expulsion to parts unknown. Otherwise faced with persecution, most Weavers willingly join the Trinelyse to ensure a comfortable future.

Eventually, despite trying to hide her power, Noa Sinclair was collected at a young age and now, reluctantly, wears the Trinelyse uniform, hoping to reform the system from within. After starting work as an aide to Henri Trinelyse, head of national security, Noa is then assigned to a specialty team, tasked with reclaiming the world for mankind. What she doesn't realize is that these plans center around a figure from her past, and the Trinelyse have her exactly where they wanted.