Equivalent world era: 1600s - 1800s

A modern-day woman and a long-forgotten god are tasked with saving a world headed for destruction.

Farewell to Spring

Equivalent world era: Unestablished

A story about how one man brought about the apocalypse.

Godseye Lens

Equivalent world era: Early 2000s

Fifteen years after the Heretics unleashed an ancient god of darkness from its prison, the child they tried to use as a sacrifice is now a confident young woman, although she remains traumatized by the events of that night. Ever since then, Caelan Kyung-min Gilday gained the ability to see the personification of Death in human form. He's a nice enough guy, but his job is to ensure and facilitate the end of human life, not to mention he's basically living in Caelan's basement free of rent.

To complicate matters further, a young man by the name of Tezca Zacatenco shows up at Caelan's front door one day, claiming to be the god of darkness from that nightmare years ago. He wants help taking revenge on the Heretics for some reason or another, and Caelan eventually agrees to a binding contract, but on the condition that Tezca compensates for the years of psychological damage he caused her.

Chaining the Immortal

Equivalent world era: retrofuturistic early-to-mid 1900s

This is an Earth where humanity has been pushed to the brink, preyed upon by once benevolent gods turned savage. Only a century earlier the Trinelyse family set seven enclosed cities, the Domes of Providence, afloat in oceans across the globe, offering safe haven to those who would pledge total fealty. The Trinelyse now dominate nearly every aspect of life of the people inside their cities, giving rise to an underground rebellion bent on destroying the domes and its rulers.

As a means of combating this threat, the Trinelyse decree that every known Miracle-Weaver, anyone with a capacity to "wish on the world", must enlist in their armed forces or face capital punishment on grounds of treason. While many Miracle-Weavers from the domed cities are eager to preserve their comfortable way of life, Noa Sinclair is one such Weaver who spent her entire life in a secluded forest settlement and never expected to leave. Of course, she tried to hide these capabilities, but all it takes is one mistake for the Trinelyse to know.