Godseye Lens

The primordial god of darkness was unleashed into the world following a hostage situation gone horribly wrong. It began with an archaeologist once associated with the famed Gilday antiquarian family, someone considered an authority on the preservation of god-made relics, some of which were reputed to contain powerful, though manipulative deities. The antiquarians firmly denied any requests to unleash the contents of these artifacts, citing the vows exchanged between their predecessors and the gods, but after obtaining a particularly fabled vessel through illicit means, the archaeologist started to believe the Gildays were denying the world this potential.

Over time, the enemies of the Gildays, calling themselves "Heretics" gathered around this relic, an obsidian mirror said to house the spirit of "God L", who could grant limitless wealth and magical power. To perform the full ritual for God L's release, the Heretics kidnapped the heir of the Gildays and demanded a specific catalyst in exchange for the child's release. However, in the midst of police negotiations, the mirror began reacting to the hostage in the same way it would the catalyst. On the lead archaeologist's orders, the Heretics attempted to sacrifice the Gilday child to God L, successfully drawing out something unexpected: a strange hybrid being with a horned serpent's head, the body of a jaguar, and eagle talons for hind legs.

The creature was first assumed to be an avatar of God L until it defied the Heretics' control, going on a disastrous rampage before it escaped into the night. Police reported that the sole survivor of the incident had been the Gilday child, although numerous Heretic members, including the archaeologist, were never recovered. In a statement later released by Gilday family representatives, the deity released by the Heretics was identified not as God L, but an enemy of the gods, an entity of darkness, sealed away for good reason. 

The story of Godseye Lens commences fifteen years later, after the heir of the Gildays has grown into a competent young woman, although she remains traumatized by the events of that night. Ever since then, Caelan Gilday gained the ability to see the personification of Death in human form. He's a nice enough guy, but his job is to ensure and facilitate the end of human life, not to mention he's basically living in Caelan's basement at this point.

To complicate matters further, a young man by the name of Tezca Zacatenco shows up at Caelan's front door one day, claiming to be the monster from that nightmare years ago. He wants help taking revenge on the Heretics for some reason, and Caelan agrees to a binding contract, but on the condition that Tezca compensates for the years of psychological damage he caused her.