God's Pledge

The God's Pledge organization was formed under the joint efforts of Godtype Fulcanelli Paramirum and a young visionary named Hugo Lôi, who longed for a world where neither gods nor mankind lived in fear. It began as a citadel on a hill offering Godtypes refuge in the wake of the Fall. Eventually, Lôi appealed to the masses. inviting them to help better the world, salvage the gods and protect innocents from Remnant attack.

The God’s Pledge citadel is located in a large expanse of land referred to as the Pledge Hold, located on the east coast of the NEU, with the current total of live-in recruits numbering in the hundreds. While Paramirum still serves as the Pledge Elector, Lôi was removed from action early on after a failed assassination attempt left him comatose. His daughter Zoe eventually assumed the role of Pledge Leader, studying and working for years in God's Pledge before doing so.

God’s Pledge members, often referred to as Peacekeepers, are usually assigned to one of the three different bureaus: Field Operations, Internal Affairs or Investigative Services, which are further divided into specialized commands. Each bureau falls under the jurisdiction of an elected Godtype, but divisions are led by human captains with exemplary service.

The Field Operations bureau consists of a patrol squad and the Palatine Guard, a highly trained external defense force headed by Count Palatine Eon Harken. While uniforms are not standardized, designated FO colors are navy blue and white.

Another important bureau, Internal Affairs, includes a communication division, mail unit, facilities management, human resources, and an internal defense team known as the Noble Guard, headed by Captain Commander Sovran de Vaux. Personnel training, managed by Count Principal Jerique Duprey, plays a key role in ensuring that all Peacekeepers are able to perform at their full potential. Members of Internal Affairs dress in greenish teal and burgundy colors.

The bureau of Investigative Services houses a homicide unit, forensics department, and fugitive apprehension team. Peacekeepers in this bureau customarily dress in neutral, black or brown colors, in a business professional style.

Due to the numerous adult casualties during the Fall and a high turnover rate among new recruits, the Peacekeeper age range runs on the lower end of the spectrum, often raising concerns from the public. It is, however, against the Pledge's core values to force anyone into service, Thaumaturge or not, and members without experience are never willingly placed in harm's way. Younger Peacekeepers assigned to the Trainee Division, distinguished by their bright red colors, start work by running errands around the Pledge Hold and shadowing older members, before eventually joining a bureau of their choosing.

Part V - The Fall