The term Weaver refers to any person capable of manipulating their present surroundings using what’s referred to as a “wish on the world.” Similar to a prayer, the Weavers are able to materialize their desire by force of will, though the typical rate of success is low and varies depending on urgency.

Over time, Weavers learn to gauge what may be granted successfully and what will fail. Based on proficiency, Weavers can be classified into three distinct groups: Lace Weavers (self-preserving and defense-oriented), Jawed Weavers (built for destruction, considered to be the most dangerous among Weavers, but also the rarest), and Gilded Weavers (protectors focused completely on others). While combinations of two classes do exist, it is exceedingly rare for a Weaver to make alterations from all three categories. The first Threefold Weavers emerged from the Trinelyse Family and used their powers over successive generations to wage war upon the Old World Order of gods.

Following the rise of the Trinelyse regime, it became a requirement for all Weavers to register themselves and serve under the military police, helping to maintain order in the Strongholds. Weavers failing to meet both requirements face extreme punitive measures, as the Trinelyse equates non-compliance with treason. In a rather extreme case, an unregistered Gilded used their Weaving to save a child from drowning, only to be caught by Trinelyse officers later om. The Weaver received an ultimatum, offered lenience in return for registering and undergoing MP training, but the Trinelyse soldiers were rebuffed immediately. They took the hero into custody, and what occurred thereafter remains a mystery.

Because rogue Weavers are considered a threat to the natural order, it is considered a crime to enact Weavings without proper clearance from the Trinelyse. As such, the Trinelyse reward civilians when a report of illicit activity leads to an arrest. Cases for unregistered adolescents occur most frequently, even though they are likely instructed by a guardian to maintain control at all times. If discovered, the child will have to be registered and sent to a sanctioned academy, or else be removed entirely.